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Best seller item


CINE STANDARD 0.8 module
 Made in America


N E W  P R O D U C T



monitor holder


wide angle lens


For 35 years JBK CINEQUIPT providing quality products and services to the Cinema Industry.

JBK CINEQUIPT Lens gear ring - demonstration on

Need a seamless follow focus lens gear ring ,we can custom made one for your lens.

We don't make or sale a cheep plastic Lens Gear Ring, our gear rings are made from high grate aluminum design for your precision lenses.

Designing and manufacturing accessories for film and video HD cameras, such as follow focus, speed cranks, lens gear rings made from high grade aluminum, lens step up ring, zoom lens support, zoom bracket, camera support, follow focus Fujinon drive gear, Cannon drive gear, Nikon drive gear, universal follow focus drive gear, steadicam gadgets / accessories custom gear for your needs.
         Our accessories are designed and proudly manufactured
                                         in the USA since 1980

Our product is all over the world here are some countries beside the. U. S. of A. , from coast to coast including Alaska and Hawaii , Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland,United Arab Emirates and UK..We have many repeat customers, our main advertising is word of mouth.

We are declaring items total value within 100USD for easier clear customs , 

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